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In-House Financing

Shaver Auto Sales and Service, Inc. is a Buy Here, Pay Here dealer, offering in-house financing. WE ARE THE BANK. We have our own money to lend. Approval is quick and easy. Your job is your credit!

We approve customer financing based on criteria such as job history (proof of income) and ability to make consistent payments on a bi-weekly or monthly payment plan. We report your payment monthly to the credit bureau. We make sure you’re building the credit you deserve for the future.

Our simple process can get you approved usually in an hour or less and only requires you to provide us some very basic information.


  • Employment verification: last pay check stub
  • Current job for at least 6 months
  • Valid Texas Drivers’ License
  • Current residence
  • 6 Verifiable references (i.e. Name, Address, Phone #)
  • Down Payment

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